Omwati Jedi Padawan


Height: 1.8 M
Weight: 54.4 Kg
Sex: Male
Age: 16
Species: Omwati
Distinguishing Characteristics:
Light blue skin. Dark blue eyes. Avian-like facial structure. Feathery down covers top of head and eyebrows. High, musical voice.


“On return from Kab├íl, I happened to feel a presence coming from a small planet the computer identified as Omwat. I proceeded down to the planet surface to discover an orphan boy rummaging through a rather large pile of scrap and refuse. He was very young, about equivalent to a toddler, with blue skin and white, feathery hair. He appeared to be malnourished and in need of medical care. I took him aboard my ship and attempted to communicate to him. However, he did not speak Basic, and the ship’s computer did not have a ready translation for his musical language. Thankfully, I was able to project a series of emotional questions to inquire as to whether or not he belonged somewhere, who he was most close to, etc.. All I sensed in return was loneliness. I decided therefore to return with the child to the Academy, and further test him to see if he would become a Jedi.” -Jedi Knight


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